Rocks, Skulls and Fingers

I have started some new paintings. While in Costa Rica I saw shiny black stones by the old growth path we were walking one day, as well as in the creeks that crossed the path here and there. I did not see the same stones on our Room-dining room path which had 20 years of second growth after being planted for years (Bananas?).  Anyway, the Black stones and where they rested caught my eye.
Dark Stones in creek- La Selva

 I started visualizing that they were submerged Black Skulls.
Dark stone in water- La Selva

Dark Stone in leaves by the Path- La Selva
And thought the idea might be a good source for some paintings.
I took a few photos to keep it fresh in my mind, bought a plastic skull and painted it a semi black.

As of this posting, I have one in the works so far. This is an unfinished detail. As you can see, the background is quite loose, with marks made by painting a base color, smearing on a secondary color(s) and removing and pushing around the wet paint with fingers. You can see where the Dark Skull is painted over the texture of the finger painted background, and the texture shows through the oil.

Detail-oil on Acrylic- KS2017
I am experimenting with Finger painting as a background representing the Jungle to me. Wild and Visceral. It seriously needs more practice, but it is a start. I saw a finger painters work while in Costa Rica that was fantastic. His name is  Rolanda Faba. Here is a photo of a piece of his I took at the Gold Museum show.

Rolando Faba

Rolando Faba -Detail

Rolando Faba- detail
I love these paintings so much! He is so expert at what he does, and it really captures something unique about the place.  Rolando Faba-  His work was up at the Contemporary Museum in Jan Jose, CR, and in a temporary show at the Gold Museum also in San Jose, CR.

Here are some details of a few of my experimental practice pieces I am working on. Not a stitch on Rolandos work, he will always be the master of finger painting.

Tomato in the Wild- KS2017


Detail- KS2017


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