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Raven studies, Canyonland roadtrip and a new painting

When Craig and I took our South West road trip in October 2017, one of the places we stopped was at Canyonlands National Park in Utah. Without showing you every image, the place was a magical spot, loaded with pinyon, brush and cactus.

The weather here is extreme, freezing solid, hot and dry, remote except for the paved roads. Much is only accessible by 4 wheel, hiking or via the Colorado and Green river. Some of Americas most famous and beautiful Native Gallery Panels are hidden here. Needless to say, Craig and I were not fit enough to hit the most remote places here, but loads of beauty is available at near roadside, so here is a hint of what we saw this day.
This type of geology really sets a  large section of the country apart from all others. If you grew up on John Ford cowboy movies, you will already have a feeling for what you see. Many of his movies were filmed in Monument Valley Arizona, (thats for another blog) farther south of Canyonlands.

There are mushroom columns, table…

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