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Temple Grounds, Fire in the water, brilliant creatures

June 4th Craig and I went to Hawaii to meet up with his Mom Jude and Sis Lisa. I immediately thought “Birds” and “Volcanos”. After we got our tickets, Kilauea started its new march for the sea… with dramatic, destructive and transformative activity. We saw some beautiful wildlife, some native such as the vulnerable Nene goose, the endangered Green Turtle and much introduced wildlife like wild goats and pigs, the Mongoose and many birds.

I hoped to see some of it up close if possible. When we got there, landing on the far Kona side of the island, we saw little impact from the eruption, except some slightly voggy days.
From a high cliff over Hilo, we did see billowing steam and smoke clouds forming over the area that the Lava was pouring into the sea, and a smoke cloud forming over the Lava flows. 

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