Little Flirts, Big Babies and Happy Cattle Dogs- Fallon Part Three

Yellow Headed Black Bird (YHBB) Fallon NV KS-2018
One of our many fantastic Bird encounters in Fallon were the Flirting, Singing, Dancing Yellow Headed Black Birds we watched up close. They congrigated in loose colonies throughout the wetland ditches, clinging precariously to the reeds that grew there. Fluffing up, posturing and singing several bell like tunes, one sounding just like the first 4 notes of "Here comes the bride"!
A Fallon creek KS-2018
YHBB, Fallon, KS-2018
Let me show you my Cape! KS-2018
YHBB Lady getting courted, KS-2018

YHBB KS-2018

"YHBB" Yellow Headed Blackbird KS-2018

Then there were these not-so-little guys! Baby Great Horned Owls.
Great Horned Owl Babies KS-2018

Great Horned Owl babies, Fallon, KS-2018
Saw some of these guys too....
White Front Ibis and American Avocet KS-2018
 Iridescent Splendor!
White Faced Ibis KS-2018

Fallon Valley on the Carson side KS-2018

What a beautiful Oasis.....
And Last but not least....
Happy Cattle Dogs KS-2018


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