Raven studies, Canyonland roadtrip and a new painting

When Craig and I took our South West road trip in October 2017, one of the places we stopped was at Canyonlands National Park in Utah. Without showing you every image, the place was a magical spot, loaded with pinyon, brush and cactus.

The weather here is extreme, freezing solid, hot and dry, remote except for the paved roads. Much is only accessible by 4 wheel, hiking or via the Colorado and Green river. Some of Americas most famous and beautiful Native Gallery Panels are hidden here. Needless to say, Craig and I were not fit enough to hit the most remote places here, but loads of beauty is available at near roadside, so here is a hint of what we saw this day.
This type of geology really sets a  large section of the country apart from all others. If you grew up on John Ford cowboy movies, you will already have a feeling for what you see. Many of his movies were filmed in Monument Valley Arizona, (thats for another blog) farther south of Canyonlands.

There are mushroom columns, table mountains, jagged canyons... layer cakes of many colors, and living there, we met.... This gal, guy? Hunting for treats. This is her home, and lucky for us, s/he came to greet us at her awesome door.
Raven- Canyonland, reflection in her eye
Raven- Canyonland, investigating
Raven- Canyonland, unzipping the zipper
Raven- Canyonland, pokeing around for treats
Raven- Canyonland, getting something out of the pouch
Raven- Canyonland, a closer look
Raven- Canyonland, not interested, moving on.
She still hung out, and looked around to see if we might offer her something else of interest...
Raven, Canyonland KS2017

Lucky for me, I found something of interest.... (every minute of this trip!)
So In another blog topic, I talked about how I was experimenting with Finger Painting.... Well, here is the first painting I am officially using finger painting technique and the star of the show is ... Her.
Detail, "Hearing the Wind" KS2018 


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