NAS Trail NV, Coyotes, and Birds. Fallon-Part Two -

When we got to Fallon on the first day, we drove to the NAS trail. It was almost sunset, and one of the first animals we spotted were a mom and dad Coyote, loping off across a cow pasture on the other side of an irrigation ditch next to the Trail.

We exchanged glances, they headed off to hunt for the night, and we headed back up the trail... only a few feet and I saw something move in the sage just on the other side of the ditch... it was two adorable Coyote pups, red like their Mama. Naughty for taking a look at us, but smart enough to get back in their den quick ... before I could get a pic. Memories only.

NAS Trail, near Fallon NV. KS-2018

Hare NAS Trail NV KS-2018
Cotton Tail Fallon NV KS-2018
A Cotton Tail and a Hare.

Swainson Hawk, NAS Trail, NV KS-2018
Really, there were SO many enchanting creatures to admire, it's hard to make a cohesive blog on this Fallon field trip... We saw several kinds of Swallows... including Barn Swallows...  (they are the ones with the split pointy tail and the rusty red face patch- no white on the face)
Posing Barn Swallow KS-2018

Barn Swallow buddies. Fallon NV KS-2018
Cliff Swallow collecting mud for its nest KS-2018
And Cliff Swallows by the hundreds- here collecting mud for their nests- forgive my horrible video skills.
Cliff Swallows collecting mud KS-2018
 And the other "Odd Bird". Here a California Quail in a tree- I usually see them running in rows across the roads.
California Quail, Fallon NV KS-2018 
 A lady Wood Duck 50 feet up in a tree. I didn't see her nest...
Female Wood Duck KS-2018
Mr. and Ms. Cinnamon Teal
Cinnamon Teals KS-2018
Black Billed Magpie, showing off its fabulous feather cape!
Black Billed Magpie KS-2018

Part Three soon, Ode to the Yellow Headed Black Bird and some wonderful baby owls....


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